Local cheeses from Fuerteventura

The traditional cuisine of Fuerteventura stems from centuries of poverty and is the simplest in the archipelago. Among its secrets are the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Considering that Fuerteventura has more goats than humans (seriously!), goat stew is a very popular dish, but it is the cheese that takes the lion’s share. Queso majorero is so renowned that, just like a fine wine, it bears a denominaciĆ³n de origen mark, certifying that it actually comes from the island and that it is genuine. It was the first cheese in the Canary Islands, as well as the first goat’s cheese in all of Spain, to receive this recognition.
At the heart of the production process is the majorero goat, a very docile hybrid originally imported from the Spanish mainland. The ideal cheese to buy is fresh and soft, with a white, floury rind that turns yellowish as it matures. Majorero is one of the best goat’s cheeses in Europe (not too pronounced in taste), rich and buttery with a nutty note that goes particularly well with fruit. Cheeses that need to be stored for some time often have a protective layer of oil, maize flour (gofio) or paprika applied to them. The best place to buy a wheel of queso is at one of the local markets, where there are always plenty of cheese stalls. Ask for a taste. To learn more about cheese – and goats – visit the Museo del Queso Majorero in Antigua.