The local guide fuerteventura will accompany you on your wonderful trip. Fuerteventura is located just 100km from the African coast and the its landscape has remarkable affinities with that of the North Africa, especially if you look at the flat roofs of the houses, built to collect rainwater.

Under others wait, Fuerteventura is reminiscent of neighboring Lanzarote, but it is more colorful: the volcanoes resemble heaps of saffron, chilli pepper and coriander, surreal triangles of exotic spices.

Most visitors, however, are more interested to surfing and windsurfing than to contemplate the beauty of the landscape.

Fuerteventura, the second island of the archipelago after Tenerife is kissed by the sun all year round and offers the most beaches beautiful and wide of the Canaries.

The main tourist resorts are located at the ends opposite sides of the island: on the northern tip rises Corra lejo, a favorite of the British who love to bask in the sun, while to the south is Morro Jable, beloved by the Germans and with a decidedly quieter atmosphere.

In May 2009, UNESCO declared the island Biosphere Reserve.

When to go Fuerteventura

¨ The high season runs from December to February; it is necessary to book in advance.

Temperatures are slightly cooler, with steady but pleasant winds.

¨ The end of spring (April to May) is the time better, with very pleasant temperatures; during the holidays However, the beaches tend to be quite crowded at Easter.

¨ In July and August, the island is besieged by Spanish tourists and by families with children. Temperatures often exceed 30 ° C, but the climate is rarely muggy.

The Windsurfing World Cup takes place in July.

¨ Autumn is the ideal time for parties, including the Kite Festi val di Corralejo and the Fiesta de la Virgen del Rosario in the capital.

The daytime temperature averages around 20 ° C, while at night it gradually falls.

The best of Fuerteventura


1 Surf, windsurf or just one coffee and one slice of cake in the relaxed coastal town of El Cotillo.

2 Take off your shoes and walk on the soft dunes of sand of the Parque Natural de Corralejo.

3 Enjoy the waves of Isla de Lobos, one of the the most popular resort among surfers of Fuerteventura.

4 Fish-based dinners in Punta de Jandía, on the edge of the world.

5 Admire in amazement verdant valley of the pretty Betancuria.

6 Taste the famous Majorero cheese at the Museum del Queso Majorero, in Antigua.

7 Treat yourself to a thalassotherapy treatment in the Balneario Thalasso, on the beach of Caleta de Fuste.

Welcome to Local Guide Fuerteventura.

With our services we offer you the best apartments to make the most of your trip to the beautiful island of Fuerteventura.

We have structures of various square meters, to enjoy your holiday in the beautiful Canary Island.

Uncontaminated beaches await you, sea that intersects with volcanic lands., A unique ecosystem of its kind.

We have specific packages for golf enthusiasts, having the opportunity to play in the two fantastic 18-hole courses, Las Salinas Golf Club and Fuerteventura Golf Club.

Consult the apartments page and find your offer.

In the blog section you will find all the news on the island updated daily.

We are at your complete disposal to organize group travel.

Consult us for more information.

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Local History Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura has had several names in history, from the obvious Planaria (in reference to the general flatness of its surface) of the Romans, to the more interesting Fuerteventura (Fort Adventure), of the first conquerors Europeans.

In 1405 the island was subdued by a group of adventurers led by the Norman nobleman Jean de Béthencourt. They discovered that the island was divided into two kingdoms tribal kingdoms separated by a low wall 6 km long: Jandía, in the southern peninsula, which extended extended northwards as far as La Pared, and Maxorata which occupied the rest of the island.

Béthencourt created a permanent base in the mountainous area where Betancuria would later be built, and had a chapel built there.

The village developed around, Santa María de Betancuria, became the capital of the island. The choice of the site was determined by the presence of water (still demonstrated today by the lush vegetation) and the mountainous conformation, which guaranteed a degree of protection against attacks attacks and pirate raids.

Gradually, new settlements spread throughout the island and, in the 17th century, the Europeans occupied El Cotillo, once the seat of the Guanche kingdom of Maxorata.

In that period, the families of the Arias and Saavedra took control of the señorío (the government of the island that took the place of the Spanish Crown).

In the following century, however, some of the island’s militia officers had by then established a rival centre of rival power in La Oliva.

Los Coroneles (‘the Colonels’) gradually assumed effective control of the affairs of Fuerteventura, enriching themselves at the expense of the peasant population, who lived in poverty.

For more information on their rule visit the Casa de los Coroneles in La Oliva, which was their splendid residence.

The militia was disbanded in 1834 and in 1912 the island obtained, along with other lands in the archipelago, a degree of autonomy through the establishment of the cabildo (local authority).

How to get to Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura Airport (www.aena.es) is located 6 km south of Puerto del Rosario, in El Matorral.

Binter Canarias (www.binternet.com) operates direct flights to Gran Canaria and Tenerife, from where one then travels to the other islands.




Fred Olsen (www.fredolsen.es) Ferries run 6 times a day from Corralejo to Playa Blanca (€27, 25 min) in Lanzarote.

Tickets can be bought at the port in Corralejo. There is also a service from Morro Jable to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (€45, 2 h, 2 departures daily).

Naviera Armas (in Corralejo and Morro Jable (www.navieraarmas.com). Six ferries a day sail from Corralejo to Playa Blanca (€26, 35 min), Lanzarote.

From Morro Jable, ferries leave daily for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (€41, 3 h) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (€70, 6 h 30 min).

From Puerto del Rosario, there are connections to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (€35, 6 h 30 min) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (€62, 11 h) at 11 a.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.

Trasmediterránea (Puerto del Rosario www.trasmediterranea.es) operates a ferry from Puerto del Rosario to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (€33, 6 h) departing on Saturdays.

There are also non-direct ferries from Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Santa Cruz de La Palma, but the crossings are long and it is certainly more comfortable to fly.

Local transports Fuerteventura



Tiadhe operates 17 bus routes that touch the main destinations on the island.


Driving here is very pleasant. mostly flat and the roads are excellent.

Cicar is a reliable local car hire company, with offices offices at the airport, in Puerto del Rosario and in all the main seaside resorts.


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Villa Ocean Minigolf Fuerteventura Local Guide

Villa Ocean Pearl Horizon

Ocean Pearl Horizon Villa is located in Caleta de Fuste and offers an outdoor swimming pool, fast fibre optics and views of the garden, the sea and the whole of Caleta de Fuste from a beautiful vantage point.

This brand new villa has a private heated swimming pool, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, air conditioning in every room, bed linen, towels,Smart Tv with every room, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, second terrace overlooking the pool, garden, picnic area, outdoor furniture, barbecue, patio and free private parking, the villa is 2 km from the castle beach and 2.3 km from the beach of Elba.

Pool in outside space

Villa Ocean Minigolf

The Ocean Pearl Mini Golf is located in Caleta de Fuste, close to the beach of El Castillo.This brand new villa is 550 meters from the beaches of Elba and has air conditioning, private parking and fast optical fiber.the villa is located on the ground floor and has 3 bedrooms each with air conditioning, playground, heated pool, private mini golf, barbecue, garden, Balinese bed, smart tv with Netflix and fully equipped kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and washing machine.the villa is located on the ground floor and has 3 bedrooms each with air conditioning, playground, heated pool, private mini golf, barbecue, garden, balinese bed, smart tv with Netflix and fully equipped kitchen with microwave, refrigerator and washing machine.This villa is ideal for golfers, as it is located within the Golf Las Salinas and Fuerteventura Golf Club complex. We can organise specific packages for you to stay and play golf, taking advantage of both courses. Check out our Golf  Packages section to discover our offers.

View pool Villa Horizon

Villa Ocean Pearl Sunrise

La Villa Ocean Pearl Sunrise è una nuovissima villa con piscina privata riscaldata, giardino, area barbecue, fibra ottica veloce e parcheggio privato, area picnic, zona pranzo all’aperto, terrazza solarium, patio, terrazza e si trova a Caleta de Fuste, vicino all’Elba spiaggia. Questa villa dispone di 3 camere da letto, soggiorno, smart tv con NetFlix, aria condizionata in ogni stanza, biancheria da letto, cucina attrezzata con zona pranzo e 2 bagni con doccia e vasca e lavatrice, offre anche patio con vista sulla piscina, piscina all’aperto e Terrace.the spiaggia si trova a 3 km dalla villa.

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