The dunes are located within the Corralejo Natural Park in the north-eastern part of the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands archipelago.

The Corralejo Dunes represent the largest area of sand dunes in the entire archipelago, extending along the coast for about 10 km and inland for 2.5 km. It is a protected area that protects endemic plant and animal species.
The park is about 3 km from Corralejo.

Corralejo is the most important tourist centre in the north, with all kinds of facilities and shops stocked with everything you need. The old town with its small white houses winds around the pier, has a pleasant promenade by the sea with restaurants and places to spend the evening. It is an excellent starting point for numerous excursions and for reaching heavenly beaches.

For all these characteristics, it is the town I chose as a base for my trips to Fuerteventura. One of the most beautiful excursions is a visit to the dunes.The trip to the Corralejo Natural Park offers a succession of spectacular views: on one side the sandy coast and the blue ocean, on the other the soft dunes typical of the desert. Where is it possible to have such different and fascinating views depending on which direction you turn? It doesn’t happen often!

Within the protected area, the coastline is not all uniform. The northernmost part consists of wide beaches of fine white sand, uncrowded and also frequented by nudists; it is a windy area and therefore ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

As one proceeds southwards, the coast changes and becomes rocky, interspersed at times with small sandy coves.

Towards the interior of the island, the landscape is completely different, a set of desert dunes all the way to the horizon.

The area occupied by the dunes of Corralejo is vast and I have always met very few people, often no one. You only have to walk a few steps away from the road and the noise disappears, everything becomes muffled, you only hear the rustle of the wind shaping the dunes and drawing those perfect little waves on the sand.

Here, the feeling you get is that of being in the desert. But the reality is different, we are on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

A truly unforgettable experience, which I recommend, is a walk in the dunes of Corralejo at sunset time, when the sand turns golden and the sun disappears behind the sand hills.

One of the best areas to visit, in my opinion, is a little south of the two big hotels (the only ones, impossible to miss), here huge dunes rise up both on the sea side and inland

The Corralejo dune park is easily reached and access is free.
State road FV-1, which connects Corralejo with the capital, Puerto del Rosario, runs through it from one end to the other

The most convenient way to get to the dunes of Corralejo is by car, you can stop wherever you want and you have no timetable to respect.

If you don’t have a car, you can also get to the dunes of Corralejo by bus, I’ll leave you the website of Tiadhe, the Fuerteventura bus service where there are routes and timetables. There is a stop right inside the park